Covid-19 health protocol

In the current particular context, here are the sanitary measures that we have adopted to make your stay with us more pleasant and safe.


  • Tourist pamphlets, booklets, and so on, are no longer freely available, but can be made available at your request.

Relaxation area

  • Our relaxation area is currently closed for sanitary reasons (COVID 19).


  • Currently we are unfortunately not allowed to offer you the “guest dinner table” for sanitary reasons (COVID 19).
  • Breakfast is served between 8 am and 10 am on the terrace on separate tables, or in the dining room in bad weather – the space has been set up in several separate areas to respect the recommended distancing measures.

Sanitary Measures

  • Hydro-alcoholic gel is available. We encourage you to use them and to wash your hands with soap as often as possible.
  • The rooms are disinfected between each occupant. We use a virucide to the required standards.
  • Common areas are disinfected regularly with particular attention to door handles, handrails, chairs and switches.
  • We do not impose the wearing of a mask, but we recommend it outside the family circle.
  • If you don’t have one, we can provide onefor you.
  • Please believe that we are sorry to have to restrict your freedom to come and go.

We are counting on your good will and compliance so that everything can take place in a friendly atmosphere, and with respect for everyone.

These measures may change depending on new government guidelines.